Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote,
Proud to be a Browncoat.

Hmm...Scheduling occurred today for Penn College. Yep, I managed to get the computer that froze every 2 minutes and had to be restarted, but it was so full in there I wasn't permitted to switch. This of course angered me. Specifically when a class I wanted was right there to be selected, and my computer froze, upon return some bastard stole it.
Here is what I ended up with Tuesday and Thursday only.

8AM until 9:30AM CSC 110 Intro to Information Technology with S. O'Hargan.

(Supposed to be a good teacher)

9:30AM until 11AM ECO112 Principles of Microeconomics with A. Pathan

(Supposed to be a confusing teacher...)

11AM until 12:30PM SOC111 Intro to Sociology with V.Bahl

(Supposed to be horrible)

12:30PM until 2PM Lunch

2PM until 3:30PM ENL257 The Graphic Novel with D.Sims

(Looks interesting, and I've read some of the things on the course listing already...because I'm a dork, I also heard the prof was cool)

I want to switch My Intro to Soc class with Intro to Cultural Anthropology which is not only a "culture" Class, but the prof R. Cooley got better ratings.


Oh, and I got a little drunk on champagne on New Years Eve making my resolution "Not to underage drink anymore" I think I can make a month.
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