Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote,
Proud to be a Browncoat.

So college has re-begun. A new school ,new classes, and here I am...writing in this thing rather than doing anything of use. Mmmm...The sweet taste of avoiding the necessary.

My first class, CSC110 Intro to Information Technology, apparently signifies me as mentally challenge. I never learned Microsoft Access or Powerpoint or Excel, but I taught myself the latter two, or at least taught myself enough to get by. Access? Yeah, no. But I think if I'm capable of answering computer questions at Wal-Mart, I shouldn't have to be in a class where it takes an hour to learn how to log on. That's right, I must be mentally challenged. Can anyone tell me what an operating system is? "Oooh Me! It's where the doctor's and nurses stand during surgery in order to make sure everything goes right! No? WHAT?!"

After my remedial technology class...I have to cross third street. As a cross a voice in my head keeps saying "Death is not an option. Death is not an option". I'm not sure whose voice it is, but I call him Steve.

Steve doesn't like me calling him Steve, as he is a pre-op transvestite. He'd like me to call him Stephanie. I say screw Steve. If he hasn't paid for the operation yet, then that means the doctors and nurses haven't gotten their operating system ready.

But yes, I'm not a fan of crossing third street, especially when the big metal death dealers with no regard for human life speeds up and/or down the road throwing caution and possible excrement to the wind. I, however, have solved this problem by walking in a group. It's different people each time, and I don't actually talk to them or call them friends. They are what I refer to as my buffer zone. I stay in the middle so that the impact is somewhat cushioned if the vehicle hits me. Yes, as a college student I like to plan for the future.

After playing real-life Frogger, I head to my Microeconomics class. Luckily, I took broken English as a second language (my dad is foreign, and I work at Wal-Mart, so I got mad skillz yo.), so I understand the Professor pretty well, while others are mumbling "What the EFF?" Microeconomics, as you know are tiny economics about the size of a sesame seed.

Next is cultural anthropology. I'm not sure what's going on, but so is life.

Afterwards (now) I have an hour and forty five minute break for lunch, and useless things such as this.

Last, but not least, in my college world, is The Graphic Novel class, where the first Sin City book is required reading, and my homework for today was bring in a recent comic strip. 200 level course even. Needless to say, I look forward to this class. Moreso, when he said this was not a superhero class, and if you think it is, this course is not for you. As I've read a few graphic novels over the years (Maus, Bone, Ghost World), but not many comic books themselves.

Sadly, I still have a job. One that I shall head to after my class, until 8.

Then sleep. Much of it.
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