Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote,
Proud to be a Browncoat.


I don't understand the concept of one of my jobs. One Hour Photo. What is the point, really? There are Four types of people who come in needing one hour photo, only one type is justified.

#1 Unjustified: The people who just took the picture. It's of a tree, an animal, a living family member that you just saw at a family reunion.

You just took the picture, you know what the picture is of. Is it necessary to develop fifty rolls of the vacation you just came back from in one hour? "Remember that tree? It was a good don't remember it? 15 more minutes and I'll show you the picture."

#2 Unjustified: The people who NEED their pictures in an hour and show up a month later for them.

#3 Unjustified: The "I just found these rolls of film" people. They weren't important for the past five years, but now, now all of a sudden it's a matter that needs handled in precisely one hour.

Whenever I get one of these rolls of film, I imagine that I'm about to develop pictures of who really killed Kennedy. So far no film to substantiate my claim that it was Dr. Phil who did him in.

#4 Justified: Cops, people just in car accidents, people needing the pictures for lawful and insurance reasons.

End Rant.
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