Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote,
Proud to be a Browncoat.

'Nother Work Story.

A Guy I work with, whose name I will not use as holy crap...I should just tell the story.

He needed to get a Rated M game out for this kid, who as the guy I work with put it, looked like the kind of kid he could mess with.

Alright, so this associate says "I need to see ID, if you don't have any I'm going to have to break your legs."

Important to know, Yes, stupid thing to say as who the hell would think that playful and funny?

Not this kid especially as his legs were fucked up anyway.


Man, as I heard this I felt bad, yet laughed at the same time...However I didn't do this in front of the kid.

Right...Thanks for shopping at Wal-Mart...don't forget your ID.
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