Proud to be a Browncoat. (shaddi2003) wrote,
Proud to be a Browncoat.

On the way to my second class, I passed a squirrel in a tree that wouldn't stop staring at me. There we were man and beast, neither one of us prepared to break eye contact or back down. I was fairly sure that if I broke eye contact that it would mean that I allowed the squirrel to make me it's personal bitch. That was not a sacrifice I was willing to make. The clock was ticking however, and I did have a class to go to, so I eventually broke eye contact and walked away as fast as I could. Then I came to the street of muerto, which is spanglish for calle de death. I got halfway across when a car approached. Not welcoming death, I stopped, but the car also stopped, as if to allow my safe passage across the street. Such a thing is unheard of when it comes to the street of muerto, but I did the traditional wave "thank you", and it occurred to me moments later that I had not crossed. Maybe it was because I was the squirrel's bitch and I needed permission. Maybe it's because it was cold and I was thinking about how heat would be a plus. But there was an akward moment between me and the car until I crossed. Which became more akward when I waved again as to say my mind has the day off how are you today? Wanna make me your bitch too?
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